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Swoop Motorsports was established in 2014 by Motorsport enthusiasts Travis and Summer Richardson.

Swoop Motorsports is about Promoting the Motorsport Industry and the companies within.

Not only does Swoop Motorsports offer high performance brand marketing, they run a Performance Boating Poker Run & Shootout Team and NEW to 2019 the Swoop Motorsports Super Comp Drag car driven by Summer Richardson.

SwoopMotorsports can deliver High performance brand marketing for your business and give you that edge over the competition, through our social media accounts we promote your business and help you grow your social media accounts. Our years of experience have given us the in’s and out’s of Instagram, Facebook and Youtube and now we can pass our knowledge along to you. Email us today to get started: info@swoopmotorsports.com

Press Releases

About Mrs. Swoop

Summer Richardson grew up in a performance boating family.

As a young girl, Summer’s Mother, Connie London and Father, Don London raised Summer and her sister Bree London at the Drag boat races. On many occasions, Summer remembers riding a quad down to the starting line where she would watch her father in the lineup, sitting in the water hanging onto the rope as he waited to make his pass down the lake. She remembers the pits well and growing up around the loud motors and drag boat racing lifestyle. Her Father raced in the NJBA and IHBA in classes SF, CF and PG with his flat bottom boat Dial 911 taking 2 high point champions in the SF class and NJBA. Throughout the years Summer’s family grew into the catamaran performance boats, starting with a 27’ Awesome Offshore Catamaran. Shortly after, her Father and former owner Steve Coulombe of HTM performance boats built three boats for her family over the years.

When Summer was 16 years old, she learned how to drive her first twin engine boat which was an HTM 30’ with twin 800 big blocks. Growing up around the performance boats she grew a passion to be involved, understand the basic mechanics and attended all the poker runs and shoot out events with her family. In 2012, Summer wanted to get a taste of the adrenaline herself and entered into the Desert Storm shoot out with her family’s F32 DCB with twin Teague 1350’s. Taking title of Queen of the Desert for fastest female speed at 154 MPH. In 2016 she ran the DIAL 911 388 SKATER  not only battling for Queen of the Desert but also going for King of the Desert running a top speed of 176 MPH (185 MPH on GPS) her fastest top speed yet in a mile. In 2018 she ran Dial 911 388 Skater at Desert Storm setting a new record in a 3/4 track at 153MPH. Summer has entered the event and held titles in 2012,  2013, 2015, 2016 and 2018 taking the year off in 2014; she has held the crown since 2012. 5X Queen of the Desert!

Summer’s husband, Travis Richardson has been friends with her and the family since they were kids and grew up around the performance boating events together in Lake Havasu, AZ. They married in September of 2013 and started Swoop Motorsports in 2014 with a passion for motorsports. Swoop Motorsports has been full throttle with connecting gearheads around the world through the Swoop Motorsports and traveling nationwide with the Swoop Motorsports Poker run and Shootout Out Team. Summer ‘s a.k.a. Mrs. Swoop’s goal is to build recognition for the sport and more importantly woman drivers worldwide.


Fastest Solo Female Driver 2015

Top Speed 147MPH
Lake of The Ozarks Shoot Out, MO

Queen of The Desert 2015

Top Speed 143MPH
Lake Havasu City, AZ

Queen of The Desert 2016

Top Speed 176MPH
Lake Havasu City, AZ

Queen of The Desert 2018

Top Speed 153MPH in a 3/4 Track

Lake Havasu City, AZ


Queen of The Desert 2014

Top Speed 136MPH
Lake Havasu City, AZ

Queen of The Desert 2012

Top Speed 154MPH
Lake Havasu City, AZ

Fastest Solo Female Driver 2016

Top Speed 153MPH

Lake Of The Ozarks Shoot Out, MO

Press Releases

about travis richardson

About Travis

Travis Richardson started his passion for Performance Boats when he was 5 years old in Bass Lake, CA where his parents took him every summer for family vacation.

Instead of playing on the beach or in the water with his friends, he would sit right next to the launch ramp and watch the boats come off and on the trailer while listening to their engines start up. Well still to this day 31 years later not much has changed. As the launch ramp is still his favorite spot on the lake, just now the boats have gotten bigger, louder and faster.

At the age of 15 years old his parents Gary and Christy Richardson purchased their first performance boat from Howard Custom Boats in Valencia, CA a 22ft Offshore edition with a Mercury 502 magnum, 415 HP. Travis was there as much as he could be for the build between school and baseball. During that summer, Gene Willen of Howard boats gave him a job sweeping the shop, organizing and detailing boats. Travis didn’t care what he did there, he just wanted to learn and be around these awesome boats. Through the summers working at Howard Boats, he worked his way up to a rigger position, sales position and customer service/test driver. He learned everything working at Howard Boats on and off for 5 years throughout school and sports. In that time, he met Don London through his father Gary Richardson. Don and Gary worked together in the HVAC field and ended up in the 1980’s starting 2 very successful HVAC companies in Santa Clarita, CA and still going strong to this day, 28 years later.

That’s when the performance and addiction to Horsepower started. Don London a popular drag boat racer of the Dial 911 flat bottom started building motors together with Gary and Travis in his garage in Castaic, CA. Travis 15 years old, remembered starting on a Friday night by pulling the motor out and working through the night, all day Saturday and motor back in boat and lake testing on Sunday; that’s how it went down in London’s garage! All the neighbors and friends would stop by and see the latest project. Years later, instead of working out of the garage, the engine builds are now done at London’s Hot Rod shop and Dyno Room in Valencia, CA.

When Travis met the London family back when he was 15 years old, Don and Connie had 2 daughters Summer and Bree. Travis remembers Summer hanging with the boys in the garage when doing engine builds. The families planned lake trips together to lake Mead, Havasu, Shasta and Powell. Travis and Summer quickly grew a friendship together over the years but Travis being older would always stay in touch. The force between them always drew them together and in 2010 they started dating and married in 2013. Since then the Richardson’s have been full throttle conquering their goals together!

Travis’s Boating Experience Includes Desert Storm Titles:

1st in Class – Twin Engine Aspirated

Top Speed 121MPH
Lake Havasu City, AZ 2010

1st in Class – Twin Engine Aspirated

Top Speed 128MPH
Lake Havasu City, AZ 2011

1st in Class – Twin Engine Aspirated

Top Speed 129MPH
Lake Havasu City, AZ 2012

1st in Class – Single Engine Supercharged Jet

Top Speed 85MPH
Lake Havasu City, AZ 2013

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