The Swoops - Travis and Summer Richardson

Swoop Motorsports was established in 2014 by Travis and Summer Richardson.

Swoop Motorsports is a High Performance Social Media Marketing Company.


Swoop Motorsports High Performance Social Media Marketing Company provides the highest level of professional services critical for growing your business by properly placing our clients and their products and services in the perfect position for success. Through an extensive network of contacts, years of industry experience and our constant search for new innovative ways to promote business; Swoop Motorsports builds trust, loyalty and strong customer relationships, driving sales, sustainability and growth in your brand. Social Media Marketing has become an essential for every company to use to reach new prospects, boost brand awareness and to market their products and services. Email us today to get started: info@swoopmotorsports.com




Mrs. Swoop - Summer Richardson

Summer Richardson

AKA: Mrs. Swoop
Summer Richardson jumped into the Social Media scene in 2013 when she saw a future in social media and mobile devices. She had a vision of developing her own social media platform and in 2014 launched The My Garage App on Apple and Android devices. The App ran for 3 years with over 140,000 downloads worldwide but overcome by the monster platforms like Instagram and Facebook she was forced to change gears. While the App was running Summer grew her personnel accts along with Swoop Motorsports acct promoting the app which worked in her benefit. She quickly developed all the inside tricks to growing your account and started offering her services to other businesses. Summer has now been successfully marketing brands for business’s across the US for 6 years now and helped many companies grow their accounts through her social media management programs and Influencer program. Summer Richardson runs Influencer programs through her fame from the Performance Boating Industry and Drag Racing world. Summer in 2016 broke the record for the fastest female to ever run a 1 mile shootout at 185 mph making her the fastest woman on water (solo driver). In 2018 she started her drag racing career participating in the NHRA Division 7 Sportsman class in Super Comp. In 2019 she got licensed in Top Dragster and will be running SC and TD in 2020 with her sights on Top Fuel one day. Summer Richardson applies her High Performance attitude to everything she does from business and fitness to the water and dragstrip.



Fastest Solo Female Driver 2015

Top Speed 147MPH
Lake of The Ozarks Shoot Out, MO

Queen of The Desert 2015

Top Speed 143MPH
Lake Havasu City, AZ

Queen of The Desert 2016

Top Speed 176MPH
Lake Havasu City, AZ

Queen of The Desert 2018

Top Speed 153MPH in a 3/4 Track
Lake Havasu City, AZ


Queen of The Desert 2014

Top Speed 136MPH
Lake Havasu City, AZ

Queen of The Desert 2012

Top Speed 154MPH
Lake Havasu City, AZ

Fastest Solo Female Driver 2016

Top Speed 153MPH
Lake Of The Ozarks Shoot Out, MO


2019 NHRA Div. 7 Top 30 Super Comp

2019 Sonoma, CA William 8 Shootout Winner Super Comp

2021 K&N 8.90 EVENT RUNNER-UP at Famoso Dragstrip, CA

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Mr. Swoop - Travis Richardson

About Travis Richardson

AKA: Mr. Swoop

Travis Richardson runs the business and accounting side of Swoop Motorsports along with running his family owned mechanical contracting company. He also manages the Race Team and organizes all the races and logistics for the team. He is full tilt all the time, his motto is “Sleep when your dead” Travis too comes from a long background of Performance boating and had to follow Summer into the drag racing. Travis runs Super Comp class in division 7 NHRA sportsman class.


Travis’s Racing Experience Includes:

1st in Class – Twin Engine Aspirated

Top Speed 121MPH
Lake Havasu City, AZ 2010

1st in Class – Twin Engine Aspirated

Top Speed 128MPH
Lake Havasu City, AZ 2011


2019 K&N 8.90 Series Top 5 – Super Comp

2019 K&N 8.90 Series – Runner Up Race #4

2019 NHRA Division 7 – Top 25 – Rookie Year SC

2021 K&N 8.90 EVENT RUNNER-UP at Famoso Dragstrip, CA

2022 FOGGIT 8.90 Series Winner Race #3 Famoso Dragstrip, CA

1st in Class – Twin Engine Aspirated

Top Speed 129MPH
Lake Havasu City, AZ 2012

1st in Class – Single Engine Supercharged Jet

Top Speed 85MPH
Lake Havasu City, AZ 2013