Team Farnsworth takes Desert Storm 2016
May 23, 2016 Travis Richardson

Swoop Motorsports would like to congratulate Team Farnsworth on another King of the Desert victory at Desert Storm Shootout 2016. Win Farnsworth and team really help promote our industry and always do great things for the sport. Robbie Willis and Chris Kissinger piloted the 50 ft Mystic (Low Altitude) to 185 mph on Sunday after making several passes. 185 mph is an insanely fast speed on water and takes a lot of skills to control a 50ft boat at that speed. Look for great things in the future from Team Farnsworth. Now check out this video Team Farnsworth put together of Low Altitude and team! The Team support is Awesome in the video, it truly shows the passion their team has for one another! Congrats again guys!

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    Travis Richardson 8 years ago

    This boat always gets my blood pumping!

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