Pro Marine RC Skater
June 7, 2016 Travis Richardson

Swoop Motorsports tested the 32″ Pro Marine RC Skater in Lake Havasu over Memorial Day weekend and what a blast we had driving this boat. Over the years we have owned and driven over 20 RC boats from different manufactures and I have to say after driving this 32″ Skater with NO modifications straight out of the box on (2) 4S in parallel lipo batteries this boat is amazing. The boat drives and handles exactly like the real thing! Very stable at high speed, handled the rough water very well and turns on a dime. Enjoy this short little clip we put together from our test day. The Skater and MTR our available on our website and come almost ready to run, all you need is LIPO batteries, some AA batteries for controller and a charger. Call or email us and we can get you set up.


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