2015 SuperCat Fest & Shootout Lake of the Ozarks
April 5, 2016 sdcdesign

In August of 2015 Swoop Motorsports and DCB traveled to Lake of the Ozarks for the 2015 SuperCat Fest and Shootout. Knowing this was going to be an amazing experience we hired Aerial Peek out of Tucson, AZ to capture all the footage, what an amazing job they did. Aerial Peek joined us on our 2 day road trip as we towed these Badass boats across the county. SuperCat Fest and Captain Ron’s Shootout is a bucket list Performance boating event, you will see the Hottest and Fastest Performance boats in the world. From the Street show on Wed to the Shootout Saturday and Sunday its adrenaline pumping the entire time. DCB came home with some great trophy’s with John Chilton running 160 mph, Summer Richardson Fastest SOLO driver ever to run down the shootout course at 147 mph and Tony Chiramonte running a solid 165 mph in the new Lickity Split M35 DCB. Huge Thanks to Aerial Peek for this awesome video!


  1. Travis Richardson 8 years ago

    This is a bucket list Performance Boating event! Defiantly worth the 2.5 day tow from the west coast!

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